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by commissioning me, you agree to the following:



All drawings are for personal use only. If you want to use your commission for merch there will be a +100% (=double of the normal price) additional charge to the standard price in order to buying the rights.

Do not modify, trace, copy, ​remove the watermark.

Do not claim the commissioned artwork as yours. As the artist i still mantain all and absolute rights to my works; this includes publishing the work on my socials, adding it as a part of my portfolio, including the work in artbooks and editorial projects, selling prints of my artworks, unless discussed otherwise with the client. You're not allowed to claim my art as your own, even in the case of a paid commission.

When you post your commission online please make sure to use the watermarked version of the artwork only (this applies only to personal commissions). 


Credits to me @misakidestiny are very welcome when resharing.



Payment via Paypal  invoice beforehand or after the approval of the sketch only.

I'll send you a preview of the sketch and you have to pay after you have approved it.

No refunds (requested by the client) after the sketch has been approved.

Only exception: more than six months have passed after the start of the commission.

Commission requests can be cancelled before I have started the sketch anytime.

Please tell me in advance if you need any specific resolution/format for the drawing.

You get up to 3 free bigger feedback cycles during sketch stage.

Commissions are not first come, first served. I reserve the right to decline your order if i don't feel comfortable or i'm not able to work on it as this directly influences the quality of the product. I also may cancel your order at any time, but you will get a 100% refund of the payment.

Commissions may take 1-3 months, faster completion or deadlines may cost extra.

Extras (pets, weapons, etc.), complex background/designs cost extra.

 Custom character designs or reference sheets will cost extra.

Once the drawing is finished, small changes (color adjustments, adding smaller details, etc.) can be done for free. Larger changes (changing the pose, lighting, clothing etc.) will be charged extra.

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